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7 Things You Didn't Know About Ruby Chocolate

  1. Naturally Pink Ruby Chocolate

    Made bean to bar from newly discovered cocoa beans, without any colors or berry flavors added!

  2. New Discovery

    Like grapes for fine wines, the rare cocoa beans that make ruby chocolate are produced under unique climate conditions - found in Ecuador, Brazil and the Ivory Coast.

  3. Memorable Taste

    Not bitter, not milky, not too sweet. It's ruby - lightly sweet, lusciously smooth, and with fresh fruitiness.

  4. Ruby Chocolate History

    Enjoy a moment of history! Ruby chocolate is the first new chocolate in 87 years - after dark, milk and white chocolate. White chocolate was invented back around 1933. 

  5. U.S. Launch

    42 countries officially designated this discovery as a new "chocolate."Recently, the U.S. FDA has allowed it to be called "ruby chocolate" temporarily. The official U.S.designation is still "ruby cacao."

  6. Trending

    People are now wondering what's going on with this pink chocolate - there's been over 120 million Google searches on ruby!

  7. Pairings for Ruby Chocolate

    We elevate ruby chocolate further with exotic ingredients. With a range of flavors, our ruby cacao bars can then be enjoyed with many types of foods and drinks - stay tuned for recommendations in our next blog post!

Each of our ruby chocolate bars pairs with unique ingredients from a culinary capital of the world. Check out our ruby bar collection