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Ruby Chocolate - Paris (Fig & Pralines) - Flair Chocolatier
Ruby Chocolate - Paris (Fig & Pralines) - Flair Chocolatier
Ruby Chocolate - Paris (Fig & Pralines) - Flair Chocolatier
Ruby Chocolate - Paris (Fig & Pralines) - Flair Chocolatier

Ruby Chocolate - Paris (Fig & Pralines)

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Complex and unique

Imagine walking in Paris trying delicious artisan pastries. This bar is handcrafted to provide that experience, with figs, pralines and dark chocolate pearls.

Grown by artisan fruit growers, the figs used in this bar are harvested at peak ripeness and present an impressive complexity of flavors.

“I’ve dropped multiple hints for my significant other to check out Flair”

Take a glamorous break

Close your eyes and feel like the world has stopped for minutes. A journey through your senses that leaves you craving more.

Gift with Flair

Watch loved ones or work colleagues smile when you gift this luxury ruby chocolate bar.

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Chef's Tasting Notes

Figs with notes of brown sugar, port wine and molasses, complementing nicely the red fruits of the ruby chocolate and bitterness of the dark chocolate. As soon as I tried these figs for the first time, I knew that they had to be in this bar. It was as if I had never tasted a fig before. The texture and flavor pair beautifully with the ruby chocolate.

Nutrition information


Nutrition information

INGREDIENTS: RUBY CACAO (sugar, cocoa butter, nonfat dry milk, whole milk powder, unsweetened chocolate, soy lecithin - emulsifier, citric acid, natural flavors), GOLDEN FIG (dried fig, dextrose), DARK CHOCOLATE PEARLS (semi-sweet chocolate [unsweetened chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, milkfat, soy lecithin - emulsifier, natural vanilla flavor], crisped cereals [wheat flour, sugar, wheat malt flour, starch, sodium bicarbonate - raising agent, salt, cocoa butter, natural vanilla flavor], glucose syrup, sugar, gum arabic, modified corn starch, coconut oil), PRALINES (sugar, hazelnuts).

Contains milk, soy, wheat and hazelnuts. May contain peanuts.

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Ruby chocolate is the first new chocolate in 87 years! This new Belgian chocolate is naturally pink and has unique fruity notes. Our bars are named after some of the world's culinary capitals and display the finest ingredients from those regions… all presented in Flair's signature millennial-pink boxes.

PARIS Ruby Chocolate Bar

We present you the king of all figs! Our fig is treated like royalty by artisan fruit growers that bring this fig to peak ripeness before it is harvested and dried, leading to multiple layers of flavors. One bite of our fig, you won't fall for another one.

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United States United States
Best Chocolate I’ve Ever Had!

My husband is the chocolate gourmand in our house. He received the Flair Ruby Chocolate 3-Set for Valentine’s Day this year and was immediately smitten with every variety, so much so that he rationed each bar to make it last longer. He says that Flair Ruby Chocolate is the best he’s ever had. So he’s getting an Easter surprise. More Ruby chocolate! It’s truly a uniquely smooth and subtle taste experience. In addition, we discovered that Flair's customer support is attentive, uncomplicated, and responsive. Along those lines, I would welcome an uncomplicated, unadorned Ruby Chocolate Bar option and hope you’ll consider it.

United States United States
New York

I for one did like the New York, and I think my two granddaughters liked that one too.

United States United States
Best chocolate I’ve ever tasted!

This was a Valentines gift for my chocoholic husband. It was a huge success. Though I was iffy on the Tokyo as a bit too exotic, he loved all three varieties and said they were the best chocolate he’s ever tasted. So Bravo on this breakthrough! (I am curious if you plan to release a simple bar for purists. I liked the plain chocolate in between the adornments.)

United States United States
Uniquely Irresistable

Once bitten, very hard to stop. You are definitely on to something

Jason T.
United States United States
Birthday Present for a Chocolate Lover

I bought the Belgian Ruby 3 set for my better halves birthday as she is a chocolate lover ! She loved the unique flavors and pink is also her favorite color !

United States United States
Yummy in my tummy!

I heard a little boy say this the other day when looking at a big scoop of ice cream with sprinkles and it reminded me of my kids when they were younger and how I felt when I tasted these bars. These bars are delicious, unique and beautiful. For us, they came right on time. For my parents in Minneapolis? Fed Ex couldn't get it there until after Valentine's Day even though I ordered well in advance of the two day delivery. However, they too loved it when they tried it. So different! FLAIR Team gets an A+. I can't give the same grade to Fed Ex, even though I know all delivery services are hurting.

United States United States

I got the set for a Galentine’s item and it was a huge hit!

Antonieta H.
United States United States
Perfect wrap

Awesome,,,, the ruby chocolate is soooo good that I bought more to share with my friends. Highly recommended. I have try everyone of them and I can't choose only one they are all delicious.

United States United States
Be Careful..Too Good

I only loved dark chocolate until I tasted the ruby chocolate. It is not too sweet nor too bitter. The combination of dried fruits, nuts or crispy rice and dark or white chocolate pearls works well. I cannot stop eating them. I had to give some away and now my friend ordered some. However, I was curious if ruby chocolate would be good by itself or maybe a tad bit simpler without too much distractions..?

United States United States
Tastes good but too much going on

Tokyo: I was expecting something like rice crispies, but the burnt taste is not something to be enjoyed. The matcha was ok. This was my least favorite. Paris: this was my favorite one. I felt like it complimented the ruby chocolate, but I think I would have preferred no dried fruit at all. Overall a good tasting experience. New York: this one tasted similar to the Paris one, but I found that there was just too much going on. Overall, I enjoyed trying these, but I don’t think I would purchase it again. Each bar was really expensive, and I think I would prefer it plain, without any toppings at all. I liked the combination of the dark chocolate pearls with the ruby chocolate. The bars are worth trying at least once just for the experience.