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Chocolate meets fine dining!

Chocolate Innovators

“I’ve dropped multiple hints for my significant other to check out Flair”

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Welcome to the world of Flair Chocolatier

Welcome to the world of Flair Chocolatier

Our luxuriously indulgent Dark Chocolate Gift Box is full of mouth-watering, decadent flavors sourced from across the globe.

One bite, and you’ll fall in love.

A Multi-Dimensional Taste to Delight the Senses

Classic flavor combinations are reimagined in deliciously fun, unique ways.

Each is brought to life by the skill and talent of renowned, award-winning chef Genie Kwon.

Treat your tastebuds to an adventure like no other with our 3-Bar Dark Chocolate Gift Box.

Produced in limited quantities, it is the ultimate exclusive gift option.

What’s In the Box - Chocolate Meets Fine Dining

What’s In the Box - Chocolate Meets Fine Dining

Each bar in our limited-edition trio draws on Genie’s personal experience, and is akin to a dessert from a 5-star restaurant.

Sophisticated flavors, vibrant colors and unexpected textures capture the excitement from the region that inspired them.

Crafted with the finest quality natural ingredients, these bars will delight you:

1) Honolulu Bar combines the smooth, richness of the French dark chocolate with the tropical and exotic taste of pineapple and mango. The addition of salted and roasted macadamia nuts intensifies the pairing and offsets the scrumptious sweet infusion.

2) Beijing Bar features wild goji berries, a superfood with a slightly sweet, chewy texture and gorgeous eye-catching red hue. Mandarin oranges add citrus notes that perfectly complement the dark chocolate base and makes the colors pop!

3) French 70% Cacao Bar displays intense cocoa notes with gentle, subtle fruity and floral notes towards the end. It is the ideal balance of sweetness and acidity. One bite will never be enough!

“When you think about fine dining, you have to think about how much impact one bite is going to have...
So we put a lot of thought into the ingredients and textures of each bite.”
- Genie Kwon

A Memorable Touch of Luxury & Chocolate Gift Sensory Experience

Flair is anything but your average chocolate!

No boring, expected flavors or basic packaging here. We believe chocolate is an experience to be savored and enjoyed, from the first bite, till the last.

It’s a gift to share with someone special and make their day. That’s why we put as much effort into our packaging, as we do with what goes inside it.

We want you to feel good about your purchase, and that’s why we only use premium quality cocoa beans. These are sustainably sourced and give back to the farmers and environment they come from.

Customer Testimonials

“It's like tea and chocolate. A fantastic present for anyone who loves chocolate. A totally different flavor! It's really good!”

“Not as heavy. Fruity and light. It’s delicious! Can I get a box?”

“WOW! There are so many flavors at once... I recommend it over any other brand!”

Customer Reviews

“WOW! There are so many flavors at once... I recommend it over any other brand!”

– Nikki N.

“My experience was like being Alice in
Wonderland... Going down the rabbit hole...WOW! Beautiful wrapping
enchants the experience...”

– Sara D.

"This was some of the most delicious chocolate I've ever had"

– Alyssa B.

My taste buds were in heaven at first bite... So beautifully
prepared---and presented!

– Russell M.

“Very smooth velvety taste, not too sweet, beautiful color.
Different, upscale chocolate for people with refined taste.️”

– Belasitsa G.