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Gourmet chocolates by award-winning chef

Gourmet dark chocolate bars...The 21st century version of them!

Deliciously unique and everyone is talking about them:

It all started with a vision to transform chocolates into FINE DINING experiences.

To achieve that, a global search started for a pastry chef with experience in many Michelin star restaurants.

That search led to Genie Kwon. She had just been named PASTRY CHEF OF THE YEAR...

Brought to you by an award-winning chef

Genie Kwon is Flair's head Chocolate Designer.

Genie was named Pastry Chef of the Year by Esquire Magazine.

Before joining Flair, she was a founder and pastry chef at Oriole – earning 2 Michelin stars in only 7 months!

Genie's global pastry experience making delicious desserts is reflected in Flair's chocolates:

  • Oriole in Chicago
  • Eleven Madison Park in New York
  • Nobu 57 in New York
  • Restaurant André in Singapore

You will be impressed

These bars are harmonious combinations of textures and flavors of the world's finest ingredients.

Genie devoted months of research and a few hundred recipes to develop these bars.

A tremendous effort that culminated in three memorable dark chocolate bars – Los Angeles, Honolulu and Beijing.

Each dark chocolate bar displays the traditions of a culinary capital.

Fine Latin cuisine meets LA's glamour!

Eat Some Gold

The “Los Angeles” bar

70% Belgian Chocolate with Gold Leaf, Chili Powder and Lime Zest

Experience the glamour of Los Angeles, with the flavors of fine Latin cuisine.

This beautiful bar will add extra shine and a little spice to your day!

Imagine relaxing at the beach in Hawaii

Honolulu Bar

The “Honolulu” bar

70% Belgian Chocolate with Pineapple, Mango and Macademia Nuts

Feel like sitting at a beach in Hawaii, enjoying a beautiful, sunny day.

Experience an interplay of textures between the chewy mango and pineapple and the crunchy macadamia nuts.

Belgian dark chocolate at its best

Beijing Bar

The “Beijing” bar

70% Belgian Chocolate with Mandarin Orange and Goji Berries

Belgian dark chocolate perfectly balanced with herbal notes from Himalayan goji berries and citrus notes from Mandarin oranges.

This is the most chewy bar of the Flair collection and it will delight you.

If you’re looking to impress with a chocolate gift, this is the one for you! A genuine marble box with hand-painted truffles!

“Limited edition marble box too pretty to be covered with wrapper paper!”

The New York Times

Customers experiencing Flair at Bergdorf Goodman!

WOW! There are so many flavors at once... I recommend it over any other brand!””

I've never had anything like it. It's very tasty!”

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