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A quest to push the boundaries of chocolate

Our journey started in New York, 2018 with a quest to push the boundaries of chocolate, setting a new standard for chocolate design and taste. 

Each bite is like a tasting experience that stimulates your senses, brings up memories of places around the world. Way more than “just chocolate”. 

We decided to develop these unique and luxurious chocolates as well as present them with the highest levels of glamour.

World-class Pastry Chef & Chocolatier

Genie Kwon leads the development of recipes and artistic presentations for Flair. Esquire magazine named her as the 2017 “Pastry Chef of the Year” for her memorable desserts at Oriole, the 2-star Michelin restaurant in Chicago that she co-founded.  

Genie brings flavors and exotic ingredients from around the world to our chocolates, building on her experience having worked at several renowned restaurants, such as Eleven Madison Park in New York, Restaurant André in Singapore and Nobu 57. 

Genie has designed each chocolate bar to convey the excitement of one of the world’s culinary capitals. 

The New Ruby Chocolate

The tremendous effort put by our team searching the world for the best and the prettiest led us to Ruby Chocolate. 

This newly discovered chocolate is naturally pink with fruity and sour tones. Perfect!

What a coincidence to have a new type of chocolate invented exactly when we were designing our first line of bars and truffles. 

We decided to use this already beautiful chocolate and make something special.  

The Flair Experience

Leveraging our chef’s global experience and the finest exotic ingredients, we present an unmatched selection of chocolate bars. 

Our chocolate bars are named after some of the world’s culinary capitals and each recipe is aligned with the respective city’s culinary traditions.Each bar is available for a limited run until new recipes are introduced. The recipe number for each city can be found on the box. 

Beautiful enough to be a centerpiece, our truffle gift boxes are the epitome of luxury. Each large truffle is artfully designed and masterfully crafted with the finest Belgian and French chocolates. 

Our Cause

Flair donates a portion of its proceeds to OneSky, an organization tirelessly working to better the lives of impoverished children.