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Gourmet chocolates by award-winning chef

It began in 2018 with a dream to SHAKE UP the chocolate world...

To create new chocolates offering you the bliss of a spa day with the beauty of high fashion.

And now everyone is talking about them...

The first collection features the new Ruby Chocolate...

NOT white chocolate.

NO coloring added.

This new chocolate comes from rare “ruby cocoa” beans, a gift from nature!

Ruby cocoa gives the chocolate its natural pink color and unique flavor...

In fact, this is the first new type of chocolate in a century.

And now...

You can experience it from an award-winning chef!

You will be impressed

Flair also created luxury Dark Chocolates and Limited Edition Gift Boxes.

Each chocolate is like a dessert from a 5-star restaurant...

Conveniently delivered to your home.

Brought to you by an award-winning chef!

Genie Kwon is Flair's head Chocolate Designer.

Genie was named Pastry Chef of the Year by Esquire Magazine.

She was a founder and pastry chef at Oriole – earned 2 Michelin stars in only 7 months!

Her global pastry experience making delicious desserts is reflected in Flair's chocolates:

  • Oriole in Chicago
  • Eleven Madison Park in New York
  • Nobu 57 in New York
  • Restaurant André in Singapore

Ruby Chocolate Collection - Your pink bliss

Genie searched the world for natural ingredients to pair with ruby chocolate...

Creating three memorable bars – New York, Paris and Tokyo.

Tokyo bar

The “Tokyo” bar

Ruby Chocolate with Private Reserve Matcha & Japanese Emperor's Genmai Rice

Each bar is wrapped in rose gold foil and enclosed in luxurious Millennial pink boxes.

The 3-Bar Ruby Set is an incredible experience and Flair's bestseller:

Yes, you can have pure ruby chocolate too

If you want to try the ruby chocolate in its pure, decadent form...

Check out the “Classic” bar.

Dark Chocolate Collection - Delightful treats!

Genie created dark chocolate bars to impress chocolate lovers.

The adventures that we are all seeking in 2020!

Truffle Box Collection - Long lasting memories!

Beautiful gift boxes in Flair's signature millennial pink or in marble.

The maple wood box is handcrafted with solid maple wood and rose gold hinges. Very luxurious!

The marble box is not your typical chocolate box.

Each box is carefully crafted over several weeks...

...from a single block of marble.

The hand-painted truffles come in 3 flavors: Pecan Praline, Caramel Crunch and Espresso Orange.

“Limited edition marble box too pretty to be covered with wrapping paper!”

The New York Times

The Flair team invites you to these new chocolate experiences!

Now that you have discovered Flair...

Give this unforgettable gift to loved ones – or enjoy it yourself!

Customers experiencing Flair Ruby Chocolate at Bergdorf!

It's like tea and chocolate. A fantastic present for anyone who loves chocolate. A totally different flavor! It's really good!

Not as heavy. Fruity and light. It’s delicious! Can I get a box?”

WOW! There are so many flavors at once... I recommend it over any other brand!””

I've never had anything like it. It's very tasty!”

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