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Chocolate meets fine dining!

Chocolate Innovators

"Limited edition marble box too pretty to be covered with wrapping paper"

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Impress your loved ones

Impress your loved ones

Carved from a block of marble, this stunning box of chocolate truffles is designed to be a centerpiece in every living room and a memorable gift. 

The epitome of luxury gifting!

Developed by "Pastry Chef of the Year" Genie Kwon

Genie’s global fine dining experience includes Michelin star restaurants like Eleven Madison Park and Nobu 57 in New York, Oriole in Chicago and Restaurant Andre in Singapore.

Genie leveraged that experience to create hundreds of recipes and then select 3 memorable ones - Pecan Praline, Caramel Crunch and Espresso Orange.

Pushing the boundaries of chocolate

Pushing the boundaries of chocolate

In 2018, Flair Chocolatier was born from a unique partnership of world-class pastry chefs, luxury designers and artisan growers.

This team set the mission to push the boundaries of chocolate, imagining new chocolate experiences and bringing them to life.

“When you think about fine dining, you have to think about how much impact one bite is going to have...
So we put a lot of thought into the ingredients and textures of each bite.”
- Genie Kwon

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Customer Testimonials

“It's like tea and chocolate. A fantastic present for anyone who loves chocolate. A totally different flavor! It's really good!”

“Not as heavy. Fruity and light. It’s delicious! Can I get a box?”

“WOW! There are so many flavors at once... I recommend it over any other brand!”

Customer Reviews

“WOW! There are so many flavors at once... I recommend it over any other brand!”

– Nikki N.

“My experience was like being Alice in
Wonderland... Going down the rabbit hole...WOW! Beautiful wrapping
enchants the experience...”

– Sara D.

"This was some of the most delicious chocolate I've ever had"

– Alyssa B.

My taste buds were in heaven at first bite... So beautifully
prepared---and presented!

– Russell M.

“Very smooth velvety taste, not too sweet, beautiful color.
Different, upscale chocolate for people with refined taste.️”

– Belasitsa G.