Free 2-day shipping in the U.S. for orders $75+

Shipping & Returns

Enjoy complimentary 2-day delivery on all orders $75 or more!


  • 1.1  Shipping. Flair provides complimentary 2-day delivery for orders of $75 or more, as described in the below.
Order Total 2-day delivery 1-day delivery
Under $75 $8.95 $39.95
$75 and over Free $39.95
  • 1.2  Product Protection. The nationwide transport of a quality perishable product is a delicate matter that we take seriously. Consequently, our shipping efforts are designed to minimize the risk of spoilage, melting and other damage.

2. WHEN.

  • 2.1  Day of the Week. Flair will avoid shipping perishable items to you over the weekend. If it is anticipated that a shipment would not make it by the last delivery day that week, Flair may hold it until the next business week.
  • 2.2  Time of Day. Orders received after 4PM Eastern Standard Time on a business day will be considered to have been received the next business day.
  • 2.3  Time of Year. Flair will take the seasonal climate of the destination in determining when and how to ship its products to you.
  • 2.2  Delivery Times. Flair offers 1-day delivery and 2-day delivery times. Flair will make all reasonable efforts to make said delivery times, but delivery times are not guaranteed.


  • 3.1  Where. Flair currently only ships within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Shipments to PO addresses may be sent via standard delivery, may take upwards of 14 business days and may result in the delivery of damaged and/or spoiled product. You agree that Flair shall have no liability for the foregoing.
    If you desire delivery to other countries, please visit the respective country’s website, or e-mail us at to make an inquiry with our sales team.


  • 4.1  If you are not satisfied with any product with any item ordered from the Sites for any reason, please contact to arrange an exchange or return.